Pilgrim JourneysPilgrim Journeys

Pilgrim Journeys

Travel through Scotland and through time, in the footsteps of saints and sinners.

Scotland’s Pilgrim Journeys connect ancient traditions with contemporary life.

You experience historic pilgrim centres and hidden places of peace and beauty.

Celtic Saints and Medieval traditions combine with modern faith journeys.

You can follow these routes by road transport, by bicycle on recommended cycleways, and by walking where safe paths are available. Each Journey is divided into stages which can be explored, as your time and choice allow. Each stage has interpretative themes which can be explored in either direction.

Scotland’s Pilgrim Journeys bring together the travels of Scotland’s Celtic Saints and Medieval traditions of pilgrimage, with modern faith journeys.

In time a network of Pilgrim Journeys will criss-cross the whole of Scotland, encompassing many local routes and sites. Scotland’s network is part of a growing international renaissance of pilgrimage connecting us with the islands of Britain and Ireland, with Europe and with other continents.

You can follow the Journeys by road transport, by bicycle on recommended routes, and by walking the parts where safe paths are available. Each Journey is divided into meaningful stages which enables different parts to be enjoyed in different ways, as your time and choices allow. Each stage also has its own interpretative themes which can be followed in either direction, by simply reversing the route information.

The Pilgrim Journeys are:

From Coast to Coast

The St Andrew Pilgrim Journey

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Further From Ireland

The St Columba Pilgrim Journey

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Source South West

The St Ninian Pilgrim Journey

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Tweed to Tyne

The St Cuthbert Pilgrim Journey

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Forth To Tay

The St Margaret Pilgrim Journey

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Coming to the Clyde

The St Mungo Pilgrim Journey

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Western Edge

The edge of the west

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Bute To The Trossachs

The St Blane and St Kessog Pilgrim Journey

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On The Sea Roads

The St Magnus Pilgrim Journey

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Perthshire Circles

The St Fillan and St Serf Pilgrim Journey

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Northern Coasts

The St Maelrubha Pilgrim Journey

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Angus Coast And Glens

A Pictish Saints Pilgrim Journey

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Dee, Don, and Spey

A Grampian Saints Pilgrim Journey

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Lothian and Lammermuir

The St Bea and St Baldred Pilgrim Journey

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Ancient and Medieval pilgrims often travelled with the specific purpose of making an offering, asking forgiveness for some wrongdoing, or seeking healing of a physical, emotional or psychological hurt. Pilgrimages might also be undertaken at a special time of life, when the need was felt for some renewing reflection- for ‘time out.’

The contemporary pilgrim may also be open to a potentially life changing experience. Alternatively he or she might be in search of a more general sense of spiritual connection free from stress or pressure. Equally travellers might follow a Pilgrim Journey to discover the heritage and culture embodied in the special places and buildings which populate the routes.

All approaches and interpretations are welcome, in the generous spirit of Celtic hospitality. Scotland’s Pilgrim Journeys are an invitation to everyone, an open road for all peoples and nations.

Join us on the journey. As part of the international Eco Pilgrimage network, we encourage you wherever possible to walk, cycle, use public transport and share cars.