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Scottish Pilgrim Journeys

Travel through Scotland and through time.

Scotland’s Pilgrim Journeys connect ancient traditions with contemporary life.

You experience historic pilgrim centres and hidden places of peace and beauty.

Travelling with a purpose you discover the layers of meaning in Scotland’s landscape, and encounter Scotland’s sacred places at first hand.

Follow the footsteps of many generations on a way of faith.

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What are the Pilgrim Journeys?

Scotland’s Pilgrim Journeys bring together the travels of Scotland’s Celtic Saints and Medieval traditions of pilgrimage with modern faith journeys.

A network of Pilgrim Journeys crisscrosses the whole of Scotland, encompassing many local routes and sites. Scotland’s network is part of a growing international renaissance of pilgrimage connecting us with the islands of Britain and Ireland, with Europe and with other continents.

You can follow the Journeys by road transport, by bicycle, and by walking the parts where safe paths are available. Each Journey is divided into meaningful stages which enables different parts to be enjoyed in different ways, as your time and choices allow. Each stage also has its own interpretative themes which can be followed in either direction, by simply reversing the route information.

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Download our Free Routes of Inspiration

Download our free Routes of Inspiration and discover more about Scotland's rich history and heritage with a journey to some of Scotland's most interesting churches and religious sites and through some of its most beautiful scenery.

Our Routes of Inspiration are sections of our longer Pilgrim Journeys and three are now available – the St Andrew Route, the St Columba Route and the St Mungo & St Ninian Route. Each can be undertaken as part of a day trip or a weekend break and while designed with car travelers in mind, they all highlight places to stop off for a walk or to cycle.

We've even included information on some great coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and other visitor attractions to help you plan your trip.

Download the St Andrew Route
Download the St Columba Route
Download the St Mungo & St Ninian Routes


Latest Pilgrim Comments

Philip Smith, St Margaret Journey

"A personal favourite is St Margaret's Chapel at Edinburgh Castle. Incredible simplicity but very spiritual."

Tue, 06 Nov 2012